Wednesday, September 16, 2009

New World Order? And Banks in Trouble!

What is a new world order? It is what this article eludes too. Read:
I would call it the 8th Kingdom that is of the 7 like it is written in Rev. 17:11. And the next verse tells of ten horns being ten kings without a kingdom as of yet. It was suggested those ten kings could be the czars that are coming into position right now. Now that is something to think about!
But, like you, I have my eye on the ninth and final and everlasting kingdom for it is the Kingdom of God! I can hardly wait. He, Christ Jesus, will be with us back here on earth again. Praise God!
“Amen, even so come, Lord Jesus.” [KJV Rev: 22:20 in part]

But I can not stop with this news. Today on-line is this article:
They are banks with the highest levels of troubled loans. Some of them are in Minnesota. Are any of them yours?
I remember the prophecy that there will be banks taking a holiday this Fall. Well, this whole site lends to more insightful information along that line.
Already this morning I have connected with a friend where we have agreed to both pray and hold on. Please join us. I am still praying II Chronicles 7:14 and all it entails.

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