Friday, September 11, 2009

A global look

Next week I am working at taking a look at global things. Lets take a look at this.
As you can see, France has it’s take of how to handle the swine flu.
We seem to also:
The thing is, less then a year ago when I was starting to write Running From Martial Law, I goggled up ‘martial law’ and got a few responses and they were ‘evasive’. Now I goggle up ‘martial law’ and get over a million ‘right on’ hits. It is happening!
How quickly we are moving forth with end times and in such a global way too!
Well, after the wonderful summer up in Strawberry Lake Christian Retreat, , I can see we Christians are really moving forward too and globally so also. The move of God that is on us who are walking daily with Him is marvelous and what I see is “laborers for the harvest being built up!”
Glory to God. Let’s be available for Him. The more I sell the book, the more I can be equipped to go forth for Him. Pass the word to buy the book. Go to Running from Martial Law to make an order.
All proceeds go to mission efforts. I go to Guatemala this coming November to attend the church dedication of the building for a church we worked on constructing last Nov. 2008 as well as help with a VBS. If the monies come in, I plan to look into going to Haiti 2010, Lord willing.
Thank you who have already purchased a book or two and more even as Christmas gifts and those of you who have gifted me extra, thank you too! May God bless you all back a hundred fold in the Name of Christ Jesus!
In observance of 9-11, may God continue to bless the families of those lost in the towers and in the armed services. May our God continue to give us His healing oil.

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