Tuesday, September 29, 2009

More on martial law…

I ran across this website http://blog.puppetgov.com/2009/08/26/what-is-martial-law-and-how-does-it-apply-to-you/ and found it a very interesting article to READ. It does have a video but that seems a bit glossed over…kind of like well wishing. But the article is a good read. It is long and thoughtful input so that is all I will blog today.
Except, here is a update on H1N1 and a new concept of howler vibrations:
… Firefighters and police in Little Rock, AR, are deploying Howler sirens with lower tones designed to vibrate the ground, helping alert motorists and others to their presence.
… An emergency amendment in Massachusetts will let paramedics administer vaccines.
This info is within this new page: http://www.emsresponder.com/print/EMS-Magazine/EMS-NEWS-network/1$10571 Look for key words “Howler sirens” and “vaccines.”
ALSO…Urgent action needed regarding abortion vote today!! See call to action at:
God help and bless us, please!

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