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“A Call to Work,” from the LORD!

Remember just a short while ago this blog carried info to inform us about HAARP; High-frequency Active Aurora Research Program. If it was the first time you were ever hearing about such a thing, you might find it interesting how the unfriendly countries toward us perceive what they feel is our unethical use of HAARP that caused the Haiti earthquake as well as other earth quakes in the USA even! You may check that news out here:,2933,583588,00.html

The whole article reminded me of someone trying to spread false rumors around about somebody. It is on the level of a Jr. High school girl type of rumor mongering. Earth Quakes are happening and they are happening like Biblical prophesy. But there are leaders and nations that aren't all that likely to know about that.

HAARP has it's dastardly place alright but Bible prophesy has it's place too.

I just found that out first hand as I attended an Awake Minnesota conference in St. Paul, MN. Phenomenal information was shared and invitations to join prayer blogs and prayer towers were extended and it certainly is a time we need to pray all right. In fact let me just try to share here a few key things as best as I can.

There was much shared about things that are of the Kingdom of God. There was spiritual mapping of seven mountains that are supposed to be bringing God glory and honor and so much more but is being hindered now by the enemy's garrisons on the top of those seven mountains. The mountains are 'government' to give God's power, 'education' to give God's wisdom, 'business' to give God's riches, 'family' to give God's strength, 'religion' to give God's honor, 'arts' to give God's glory, and 'media' to give God's blessings as in publishing the Good News. But this is derailed at present with garrisons of the enemy at the top of those mountains by people who give themselves over to Baal the bull, Prometheus who the stole the fire/power from Zeus and these people build statues in honor of these evil entities. The people that honor evil entities in turn use their ill gained wealth the enemy gives them to buy curriculum writers which feed our children in schools with dumbed down information and falseness of our history and more. We need to take back these mountain tops and function to the glory of God instead.

We were clearly taught about how this country of the USA was impregnated by the occult many many many years ago by strongholds of The Queen of the heaven, check Rev. 17, Baal who thinks he has married us and is our husband and by the Leviathan that lives in the waters and this evil was brought down by our waterways by Egyptians and Phoneticians just as many years ago. This evil was given to the Algonquin Indians who broke off into many tribes and that evil was deeply implanted which causes cutting, piercing, suicide, evil sexual indiscretion, and yet a whole host of profound evil more. The Algonquins broke off into many different tribes and filled this land.

Now let me share that a very special Native American from Turtle Mountains Native American tribe had come special to hear Kathryn Watsey speak about this occult dismantling we need to do. This special man spoke and apologized for the part his ancients had in bringing to pass this horrible evil to this land. There was not a dry eye in the place including mine! His apology on behalf of his people was accepted and God was magnified. The apology of us to the Native Americans was reestablished for that apology has been spoken for years by apology confessing spiritual leaders of Christ. We read a divorce decree against Baal who evilly thinks he is married to us but let me assure you, not any more, for we even issued a restraining order against him after reading a divorce decree over him and that restraining order is forever and forever. God gave a Word though one of the Awake Minnesota workers and as best I remember it is went like this: “Mark this day! It has been marked in eternity! The gate of unity has been swung open for the Natives. Now walk in it my beloved Native Americans!”

There was not a dry eye in the place again, including mine.

Spiritual mapping of the USA was presented by Chuck Pierce and in Minnesota we have news...good and bad. We were the only state that had three colors. Let me explain for there was much about Minnesota. We are outlined in darkness on all of our borders. Chuck saw a tree with us. We are called in the Spirit “The Threshing Floor State.” [Now think about that in a spiritual sense!] Up above the Arrow Head region was a black icy cloud that is almost unable to be impregnated. [But we know with God all things are possible.] The top of Minnesota and the bottom is dark dark blue. The middle from Park Rapids to St. Cloud is gold. There is a light strip from St. Cloud to the twin cities but the difficulty is that the spiritual unity between Minneapolis and St. Paul is not good. It needs to be worked on and Cindy Jacobs said now is the time for churches to start function in unity. We are called of God to do that. There was a sharing that three beach heads are up in International Falls to fight that black icy cloud. The people that are warring plan to take the whole northern border!

We have 8 Freedom Towers in our state in the Spirit and several are appearing in the physical as land is being bought and prayer towers are being built upon those sites of land.

We were informed of the spiritual covenant states and that there are some states that are not covenant states. I will now write what a covenant state entails and how MN ranks in this area.

A Covenant State is:

1.] One who welcomes the Jews [MN is poor]

2.] Wants to reconcile land issues with first people. [Native Americans...nothing was said but I have already seen much progress myself to the positive in that area.]

3.] Altar worship established. [8 Freedom Towers; some already built and some land already bought and Towers being planned.]

4.] Spirit welcome and fruit is moving. [nothing was shared about that that I heard but He, Holy Spirit, was obviously moving at this conference!]

5.] Where apostolic leadership is recognized and worship is allowed. [Nothing specific shared]

6.] Prophet is revered. [Nothing specific shared but those that were there as prophets were very respected.]

7.] A state that stakes and dedicates to the LORD for His glory come. [Staking has been going on in Duluth, Mississippi Headwaters, to the gulf of Mexico! I personally know we were praying and making perimeters and spiritually staking as prayer warriors at Strawberry Lake Christian Retreat all last summer for that land to be an area of protection to God's glory.]

Minnesota was classified as a covenant state.

The Firestarters from Ottertail carried the worship magnificently.

There was so much more to the conference and a knowing that this is the time of the blossoming of the Almond Tree and the essence of the almond is for the “see-er” was taught well by Mike Jacobs. A time of anointing for those who want to be able to see even more was opened to us all. Those who were anointed were to, in turn, to anoint whoever else came up until all who wanted were anointed. During that time a knowing of a number of things God wants me to do as we go forth was given to me. That list grows as I spend time with Him even after returning home.

Finally I would give to you what God imparted to us via Cindy Jacobs

We are to be reformers to put the world in order.”

Directions on how to do that:

1.] Shake off discouragement, disillusionment, and disinterest.

2.] Tell your emotions not to resist the NEW!

3.] Believe that the ladder will be greater then the former!

4.] Come up into the NEW Spiritual Realm! [The Kingdom of God that is coming with Jesus reigning.]

5.] Go Beyond!

I would share a missionary friend has shared with me as she heard from the Lord this day that this is the time you must be filled with God's Holy Spirit and able to hear Him for the time of the persecution of the Christians is coming that only when you can hear God will you be able to function and even then it will be hard.

There is very much more that could be shared but I will tell you that for a second time and strongly so I have been warned to “stock up.” [Meaning food and water]. I don't think this is only for my area. The weather and buckling of roads and bridges that is going on is global and the separation from food and drinkable water is the consequence of these bucklings. So I go now to re-stock up for I shared much of my stock out last week as led. Now for a fresh stock.

Mainly, network and have a group that when you are called to pray and war in the Spirit, you can have someone to call on to help you. That occurred just this morning for me. There is a group of us that if we were to call each other and say only “PRAY” and nothing else, we would do that and we will get the victory. Get your family and group lined up this way too. It is even more important then stocking up. And stocking up IS important.

Lord Jesus, Bless us to You even closer now please. In Your Name we pray. Amen.

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