Thursday, January 28, 2010

More to share!

I am blogging early because when I was praying last night, Jesus gave me to blog what I found on the internet as I searched out a dam and a river via map-quest. You see, last Autumn a friend and I visited a dam that caused foreboding in us and in the process of praying over the water behind the dam and taking the believer's authority, I saw, in the spirit, a leviathan as described in Job 41, exit the area of concern. I since wanted to see where the river going out from the dam went and in tracing it I found it went to many other bodies of water in Minnesota and ultimately ended up in the Mississippi River. In fact, much of the water in Minnesota ends up in the Mississippi River. I could see that if the prophesied Earth quake of the Mississippi River happened, our state would quickly be drained of it's water. Even sand-points, wells, and windmills would leave us without water for the ground water would drain into the chasm of the Mississippi River should it quake and split like it is forewarned would happen.

I share this because right now we are called to join in praying for God's grace and glory to go down the mighty Mississippi so that the Father of Mercy could go down the Father of waters to bless all the land of the USA.

As I followed with prayer for that very thing to happen where the mercy of God turned His heart from allowing the earth quake and, instead, pouring his glory down the Mississippi to the Gulf of Mexico, I found myself deep in the will of God and prayerfully kept the watch for His glory as it cascaded up and down the USA for all to drink from. Others have called and shared how important this praying is for them also. I hope you are joining in as I send around this info of a Call to the Wall to pray in this manner and share with others to do the same for the Mississippi for God's glory, please!

As you know the invitation to share what is coming in to you from our Lord and Savior Christ Jesus was extended in Wednesday's, 1/27/10, blog and here is a couple of responses.

Response number one:

[I wanted to share my dream I had last night. It was the end of times and my basement was stocked and ready. There was a giant snake outside of my house. Huge; bigger then I have ever seen. It was not letting my family out of the house. Then there came like a dinosaur type creature with 2 heads that was taller then my house, and my house is pretty large. It was followed by 2 more creatures of the same but they only had one head each. As I dreamed I could see them crushing other houses and destroying lives all around my area, and then they came to my house. We were hiding in the basement under a bed, then the 2 headed monster said that they were not able to come any closer to us because we were protected from them. Several different people and their families kept trying to get into our basement, but my girls kept them out by drawing a line. They could only cross over into our safety if they denied the beast and refused the 666 number, and their choice had to be real because the monsters were watching. Any hesitation at all, my girls knew they were just there for the supplies and they were not allowed to cross the line into our safety zone (the line was consisted of shoes!). At any rate, It was a very real dream in the sense that I woke up sobbing over the reality of it...the reality being that very few people were in my basement and the screams and cries were very real. It was a very emotional dream. to do some prayer time and reading.]

Along with this shared revelation from our Lord that has been submitted to share with us all, is something for us who want reformation and a return of America to God; Who is Holy Father, Son Jesus Christ and Holy Ghost. It is actually a forerunner of what brought about the song “America the Beautiful”:

Even this video was a shared input from you who follow this blog.

I appreciate you more then you know.

Thank you all for your input!

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