Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Keep Clinging to Our Blessed Hope

Once in a while I get a distinct leading from the Lord to blog something and this is one of those times. “Keep clinging to our blessed hope” is written by Jan Markell of 'Olive Tree Ministries'. Here is her article at another blogger's site:

In all fairness,here is Jan Markell's site too:

On her emailed articles, she posts:

You may pass on these items or have people sign up on our Web site. We update Current Headlines twice a day, and you can access our radio programming from the last three years on Radio Archives. Also see the Web site for other options to catch the program, "Understanding the Times."

So I am obedient to blog but maybe you can help me know why Jesus would want this info expanded; if it ends up being clear to you if there is a special reason beyond the obvious, being that this article is just plain good, please let me know?

Another reason I think Jesus wants us to pay attention to this is because I am concerned Israel is heading for Eze 38-39 Gog and Magog battle soon. Not the battle of Armaggedon but a pre-trib war that will take out a third of Israel's population. A gasping thought but it nags at my soul. Without turning, we must please pray for Israel/Jerusalem!

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