Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Remembered Prophecy

From Monday's blog material, a friend remembered and shared something Jesus had given her. She has given me permission to share the content of her experience and I post it here:

When I read that word about the beach heads I was reminded of a vision I received while on a fast at Christian Retreat in Florida in 1985. I saw a fire, like a line of fire, outlining this whole Minnesota/Canadian border. I was also reminded of the vision Pastor Juan Francisco saw of the fire in the north. I've copied and pasted here for you to read in case you haven't read it before.”

What she sent me is the prophecy at this site here:

I can see great similarities of the prophecy from a number of years back and the prophecy of today and am not surprised because our God is the same yesterday, today and forever.

But it is exciting that the timing is now being revealed as “for a time such as now!” A phrase I heard at the conference last weekend over and over.

Others of you may feel led to share remembered Words from our Lord to you or prophecies you are recalling and I invite you to feel free to share them with me. If you want them blogged, please indicate that when you share your information with me. If I am able to blog them, then I will with that permission securely in my keeping. Tell me your guidelines if your input is to be blogged too please.


I am remembering the Haiti condition and I continue to be so impressed how God is working through the “Love A Child” ministries. Check out Sherrie's journal here and see the victory they are experiencing against so many odds. They are excelling, glory be to God! See here:

How hard it is to excel in the midst of disaster but they are a well oiled ministry for the Lord even before the earth quake happened. Even times of salvation is being had on their grounds.

Another site is the “Christian Retreat” site at:

I am sure you have found out that our prayers and support do matter.

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