Monday, January 18, 2010

From the heart

Happy Monday 1/18/10 Everybody. Sometimes nothing comes to mind to blog except what is in the heart. Today without ceasing I get I am to blog my heart which is saying "stock up."
I never get that. I always get someone else asking me if I have stocked up. Today my heart cry is to stock up. Why would that be?
One reason is because I have been monitoring the Haiti situation and the Love A Child specifically. They came from having stocked up just one hour before the earth quake and they were able to be the first to respond and haven't stopped responding to earth quake victims needs even though they are already running low on supplies. God is opening to them supplies right from within there own area. Clearly they are people that have been following Jesus' leading and are being restocked right in the midst of the circumstances. Amazing grace!
Another reason may be because Guatemala just had a 6.0 earth quake this morning so we never know when and where these things will occur! "Be ready," cries my heart.
Another reason is because I just took a look around the globe and I can see it does not have to be an earthquake that will make you wish you were stocked up! Again, be ready!
And another reason. Those who have been stocked, what is the status of that stock. Have you been rotating your stock?
And yet more reasons. People are without jobs and are without food. Children are without food living right near you. Seriously. The "food shelf" only suppies enough food for an emergency two or three days but no food and no work makes for whole months of being hungry. The cry from this area is only a plaintiff noise at this point but it will soon be a howl. Do you hear?
The streets of Haiti Port au Prince is become a mob scene in places and martial law type figures are machining down the looters. I wrote the book about all this. It is fiction. soon will not be. Soon!
Be ready and be stocked up.
Make peace with God through Jesus Christ.
Make sure your salvation.

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