Thursday, January 14, 2010

Haitia, and Love A Child

We all know Haiti had an earth quake of '7.too big' on the Richter scale for it crumbled the buildings. Buildings of all sizes and importance including the hospital which is the hugest need there right now.
The buildings collapsed trapping people, killing people, breaking people's bones, wounding people in all areas of their body. A hospital is needed.
What do they have? The grace and mercy of God in the ministries that are stationed there is certainly one of the things they have. They have the seed faith that has been planted by these ministries and some people are in collective areas raising their arms and singing hymns to the Lord.
One of these ministries is Love a Child, a nutritional and orphanage based glory to God ministry that can be followed at this site. and to go directly to Sherry's Journal, click onto this site: Be careful because to read it is to find yourself crying tears for the people of Haiti!
I can not tell you how good it is governments are responding and people are giving hands on help too but I can see clearly that the ministries that are there are giving everything they have to deal with the immediate situation before the rest of us can even get there. Consequently their supplies are being depleted as well as the country's supplies. The governments will help resupply the country but, folks, it is us who need to help the ministries resupply. We, God's people need to help God's people on the front lines of this catastrophe.
Please just pray and check your heart if you can just give a little extra at this critical time to one of the Christian ministries in Haiti. I will be donating to Love a Child since I have been following them and know them to be totally up and up.
May God bless His children in these ever so difficult days. We love You LORD!

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