Monday, January 4, 2010


Have you ever heard about HAARP? It has been around for a while now...mid 80s I believe. Well, before that in some forms but mid 80s as a known governmental enterprise. The HAARP efforts of the USA is located in Alaska and there are other locations of HAARP efforts in other countries also. About seven countries in all experiment with HAARP but there are private efforts occurring as well to harvest and patent their messing with OUR natural resourses

I hope you will click onto this video and begin a learning about HAARP with me. We really have grown leaps and bounds in the area of Highfrequency Active Aurora Research Program known as HAARP. I found this to be a pretty good basic explanation of what HAARP is about. [Well, this site would not open after posting so try this site: ]
Several of us have been watching HAARP activity for years and the GWEN towers that emit ground wave engery network frequencies along the line of HAARP where it can render people and animals within it's range of the signal helpless. I have posted GWEN towers before so won't elaborate here but I do want to share with you the progress even lay people such as us are picking up on and are videoing. Check this out as one of such videos but be assurred there are many more!
This video talks of configurations being contrails for lack of what to call what they are seeing and other videos along this line do film contrails that are becoming unusual from the standard contrails we are used to seeing. Do you remember scriptures telling us to look up for our redemption draweth neigh? Well, I have been looking up for years now and one of these days I really believe I will see Jesus but in the mean time I am seeing things like what is posted here today and more. I have to admit it is more fun when a friend is looking up with me and we see these unsual things together.
Take time to look up everybody. These unsusal things are being seen and reported around the world! Be aware of what is around you be it on the ground or in the sky.
It is for sure angels DON'T play this haarp like wise people say!

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