Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Hope and Security!

Sometimes we need to see what everybody else is saying too. What I like about this site is that it is NOT all doom and gloom. It is a lot to look over but rays of hope do shine through. Most everybody has been saying there will be NO recovery from our present economic collapse but here is a sense the economy WILL return; slowly, but will return. The remarks about the Mississippi river sounds really very familiar, doesn't it? I've heard about this prophetic event for a number of years already. I sense a godliness about this site, Check it out here:

And while you are here, reading carefully, you can have yet another look at what 2010 is expected to be like.


If you plan to travel and are keeping an eye on changes, you might be interesting in these two articles. First of all the reason for the changes:

We should really check out this transcript of Glen Beck and an attorney talking about the attempted terrorist event over Christmas time. Interesting eye witness input!

And the suggested model for change: “Israelification of our airports security systems.”

I thought about this and you know, we are to arrive two and a half to three hours ahead of time so why not have something to do with all that time. Added frisking, quizzing, full body scanning should be not too hard to allow. It'll be better then getting “chipped” I would think! The mark of the beast is close enough as it is. [I have to admit I wouldn't like the full body scan much but that would be better then the chip!]

Now to just find a way to put our governmental officials though all this same stuff we endure. Hmmm, private jets kind of excludes them from the main airlines though, doesn't it.

Well, I had better not go any further or I will be put on the no fly list and I do hope to take about three trips yet this year. Obviously that would be “Lord willing!”

Bottom line. My hope and security are really grounded in Jesus Christ and His will for me. I plan to keep it there with His help too for without Christ Jesus, we can do nothing.

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