Friday, March 5, 2010

Another Crises! Please Pray!

When I arrived home from Maui, an email from the missionaries in San Andres Quiche Guatemala was in my email inbox letting me know of the water shortage in their village and how it has escalated terribly putting even the entire village in jeopardy. I stepped up the praying but then yesterday saw this article posted on another missionaries face book site and this person is also in Guatemala in the low lands, if there is such a thing in Guate as a low land. Anyway the article is here:

This article warns of deaths if they don't get rain! We need to pray for them to receive life giving rain, please! This is a country that gets killer mud slides too so please pray for the gentle showers of rain and not the torrential downpours. This rides heavy in my heart for this is the area I have been going for mission work the past three years and have written the book “Running From Martial Law” to fund building a church there that still needs a concrete floor. Please buy the book and help me build that floor for it helps maintain the health of the folks there better then dirt floors! Thank you!

While I was gone, many of you sent me articles. Thank you! While researching one of those articles, I came across this video and it didn't surprise me a bit yet for you who are watching for the coming of the mark of the beast, here you go. Check this out:

The capability of the chip has been focusing on health and lost and found but here is the chip with the ability to buy and sell too. Things are so ready to step right into the last 7 years of Daniel 9.

I am also hearing and seeing glimpses of the promise of further economic collapse. It remains a threat and a promise of a threat. The hard evidence is vague. But I can tell you in Maui I visited with a realtor who said tons of the homes in Maui are in foreclosure. I sensed a monetary hunger in the land. A hustle for the dollar. A confession that money is tight. The signs of the times are looming large; even more so then what I saw when I traveled central USA last Autumn.

I want to leave you with a touch of God for the weekend. Hope this does that for you....touches you for the LORD!

There are times to just let Jesus take the wheel.

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