Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Power of Prayer!

As you know, I was just to Maui for my son's wedding and yes, it did happen and I have a new daughter! But it was only possible through the grace of our God Who calms the waters. You prayed and God answered. For those who don't know what I am talking about, here is the rest of the story.

For the last 18 months, my son and his fiancee have been planning a destination wedding at Maui, Hawaii. After all the work and expenses, the morning the wedding was to happen we went into a form of martial law being sequestered under Civil Defense to a designated area while a tsunami approached from the Chilean earth quake.
I saw one woman with her two little girls get threatened that if she didn't comply to the evacuation, she would be fined, so with great unhappiness she packed up her two girls who were bedraggledly struggling to reach the area designated to wait the waves out. I offered to help her if she would let anybody help but she was sure frustrated.
A group of us who were Christian clustered together automatically and seemingly supernaturally pulling together and sharing our faith and praying; and then we spread out and ministered to the 1,000 people with who we were sequestered. While gone, I led two people to salvation just shaking my head in awe at God's provision for this endeavor and planted and watered and ministered by dispelling fear and dread, elevating a swollen leg, explaining surrounding changes, answering godly questions, etc.
To watch the birds go from playing and flitting around to screeching and flying away to leave utter quiet once they were gone was eerie and the whales finally stopped playing and went north away from the area least the most of them anyway. Regarding the water on the horizon, the meniscus, it swelled greatly. The water receded and then came in farther then usual but was not severe on the side of Maui that we were on. The roads were closed, the water shut off, [we ran our room's tub full of water after cleaning the tub special for precaution against the water not coming back on or from the main water maybe becoming contaminated] and the sewer lines were shut down.
Every thing said, "NO! There would be no wedding today!" The waves were taking 45 minutes to come in and 45 to go out and two of them were seen to be coming so it would be after 3 PM before we could even think of being free to come and go. No wedding under those conditions! I had called friends who called others, even Pastors in conference, for prayer against the Tsunami but when the 1 PM messages from the Civil Defense were saying we had hours yet of being confined, I called friends back to pray only for the wedding to be able to come together yet that day. “Forget about the Tsunami and pray for the wedding only,” I asked. One half hour later, after being fed Luau style food since the nearby Luau scheduled for 12 noon had been canceled, we were suddenly and unexpectedly given the all clear at 1:30 PM.
All of us with the wedding tore out of there and got ready and with a lagging by an hour my son had the wedding fully back on track even to the receiving of the flowers from the other side of the Island once the roads were reopened. What amazing grace of God Who answers prayer!

If you wonder just how nasty a tsunami is, please check this out:

Check out this site too for further insight of what is occurring these days!

Thank you prayer warriors. You know who you are. And thank you to those of you who called me and let me know you were praying. What a powerful thing it is to actually “feel” those prayers at times too. Thank you so much and God bless you!

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