Friday, March 19, 2010


How great is our God! Look at this wonderful and hopeful news! As I first started to read this article I wondered “Where, God, would you hold this 'revival' so it could accommodate the hundreds of thousands of people who need it?” Read down into the article and know I sure was relieved there is a place thought capable of holding a God filled REVIVAL of a great multitude! Such joy! And I just believe there are many other places available for future revivals too. See 'where' this one will be: Dutch Sheets ministry is calling for tens of thousands of believers to join them this June 14-18, for 5 days of worship, prayer and some form of fasting (a meal a day, etc.) in Poplar Bluff, Missouri.

But there is a revival that is not making me, and I bet not you either, very happy at all! Revival of the healthcare bill of 1,990 pages to a revised one of 2,700 pages.

This last week has been one of praying about the healthcare bill still coming. I wonder how many times and in how many ways we have to say “NO.” We DON'T want to help spread abortion and pay for it too! We don't want non-relative nor un-designated nor not family involved people included on what we want or don't want for our healthcare decisions of us or our loved ones. We don't want something that will flood our already overloaded healthcare market. I am not the only one who has not been able to see my doctor for two years. I have had to take the doctor's office physician assistant because the doctor was too busy, gone or sick and there wasn't another doctor available.

I am perplexed as to why the need to push through what we are not prepared to undertake at such a volume as it is being changed when just a tiny bit of common sense could prevail. Omit the abortion but start with medical attention for the 15% who have no health care of any kind. Or at least address their nonexistent drug coverage so they can have an antibiotic when they need it. Leave the free clinics for the illegal immigrants where they will not overload our struggling intact systems for USA legals. Is there any way the supplement to insurance providers could be made available without government controlling peoples policies and the whole nations healthcare? What options have REALLY been explored other then 'control'? I can not trust a policy coming froth from a person who is head of decisions for my healthcare that is NOT of a caliber of my beliefs. I can't support abortions and look my LORD in the face. In fact, I can't do that and look at myself in the mirror even.

I am going to post a couple of sites here and share with you that after I looked at them, I needed to go for a walk to burn off the disgust and anger.

This one is a video that tells us clearly that the baby boomers are in what is called “dangerous” trouble. This was posted in July 2009.

Is this new tweaked bill of today any better? Betsy McCaughey who has been following our nations healthcare since and perhaps before the Bill Clinton era, says not. See this site and listen to the very first video that is posted from youtube on Feb. 5, 2010. For those who have trouble downloading videos, there is an article half way down the page. Just scroll down to it and read.

How close are the Democrats and the Republicans? Miles apart...see here:

And this last one hitting healthcare bill highlights:

This really is stressful so let's get our eyes back on Jesus but please don't forget to pray against the healthcare bill, AGAIN, and contact your political representative immediately asking them to vote against this bill.

Let's listen together “How Great Is Our God!”

Be sure to “watch” this video as it plays for it has scriptures and beautiful pictures.

May God Bless us in these troublesome times.

Pray for the REVIVAL!

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