Monday, March 22, 2010

An Ill Wind Blows

We have been sitting on pins and needles about the healthcare bill for months and months now. Other things have been like an ill wind too. Like the cartel fighting and killings down on the Northern border of Mexico. No, those fights are not anything new but what is new is how ruthless it has become. We can know there is something a-muck when those who are 'watching' are identifying “something is fishy about this.”

The latest Juarez shootings of USA consulate people who were supposed to be just a 'random drive by shooting' is seen by those watching that “No, it was a set up.” A situation where two cars of people went two different directions and after being watched and waited for, the two cars of consulate workers were followed and shot. Nothing random about that.

Who is doing this “watching” so specifically down there in our southern border? None other then Pam Faraone from the Sheriff's Posse. Check her out here:

If you can't download this video, there is a email address for Pam Faraone at where she invites us to email her and ask for her electronic newsletter called, “Border Sheriff's Posse.” I get that newsletter and pray along with what she posts and in unity of the needs and prayer pointers suggested. It is a good endeavor!

More regarding the 'ill wind' that is blowing, I just want to share with you a couple of weather related ill winds. One is about a Volcano that erupted near Eyjafjallajoekull in south Iceland at this web site:

Have you ever seen a line of volcanic fire even if only on a video or read about in an article when it is in the middle of all snow and ice? Well, here it is.

And another ill wind is causing 'orange' dust in China. It's headline caught my eye. Somewhat because a friend and I noticed some bayou streams of water were green and yellow tinged before it melted in the past couple of weeks. "What is with the color coding this Spring?" I wondered. Well, here is the article about the orange dust in China which started this posting in the first place...It being the 'ill' wind that caught my eye:

The soil of the desert may be the reason for the orange dust in China but I am still curious why the green and yellow tinged bayou waters in MN? I know I will be watching the little strip of water near me. If dead fish and such show up in that spot, I will notify the DNR. If Spring revitalizes like Spring is given to do, it will have just been a curious observation.

However, we need to get some good wind going here so I leave you with this:

I love this wind!

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