Friday, March 12, 2010

Who's Making the Weather?

There is no way you are not aware of the weather. You can't possibly be missing the Earth Quakes in Haiti, Chili, Japan as well as in Guatemala, Turkey and more, like in Yellow Stone National Park that is often a mass of trembling. You surely followed the Tsunamis in Hawaii even though it was considered more of a non-event thanks to you prayer warriors, and I include New Zealand; and since that was a less televised tsunami, let me post it's article here:

And remember the tsunami that hit a cruise ship in the Mediterranean Sea just after the Chilean Earth Quake also.

Now tornadoes are ripping and they are right on time....Spring time.

And mud slides killing a known 100 in Uganda and 300 more still missing and believed also buried in mud. [Please pray for the grieving of the people in these horrible circumstances!]

One of the interesting things that has resurfaced regarding the Earth Quakes is the question if HARRP=Highfrequency Active Aurora Research Program [See blog site

to be refreshed about HAARP] is responsible for the Earth Quakes? Especially, did we the USA make the Earth Quakes of Haiti and Chili happen like Hugo Valdez says?

My immediate reaction was to consider the source and Hugo is bent on condemning us and we know that there is no condemnation in Jesus Christ so we don't pay attention to condemners. But with this second wave of condemnation there is a cry for understanding because the Chilean Earth Quake was preceded with flashes of light in the sky much like E Qs in other parts of the world at other times. Especially as seen here with the rainbow effect in the clouds:

Two things came to my mind. There are seven HAARP stations on planet earth. Country owned and privately owned. Ironically the one in the USA had minimal to no activity when these quakes happened yet the USA is blamed.

So I searched deeper and found a precursor to Earth Quakes is the release of gases and they will cause sky discoloration. Even flashes of light when those gases ignite.

As the search went on, this, too, came to my attention via one of you co-watchers: It expounds on how the earth literally shifted ten feet to the west. They explained on a TV news program that this is a phenomena that occurs after a build up over a great period of time and then a buckle of the titanium plates occur under the earth's surface. [That rules out HAARP folks!]That made a literal re-shifting of the earth to the extent we gained one second plus of time in the earth's rotation. Now that happened with the Pakistani earth quake too so if you are noticing stars showing up at just a slightly different time then you are used to seeing, and I am, those stars are still there and in their correct formation but they just seem a bit late on arriving now as we spin just a bit faster in our more rounded then oval shape that we are now in.

While I was doing this searching, I saw a couple of other Earth Quakes that tear ones heart out too.

One is:

entitled: Turkish Police Accost Sabbath Worshipers in Synagogue.

And then this Economic one: Which is a video

where we are promised a second wave of a mortgage shock coming. AND this one that is an article: where we are talking economical collapse, period; A super depression.

We are still reeling from the first economical collapse. In some places it sounds like we are returning to the little red school house mentality where all 12 grades are in one school house. Now I could handle that along with the Reading, Writing and Arithmetic teaching focus but I am hearing heated and heart broken pleas to “don't let this happen.” Some state's cities are closing up to half of their schools.

Let me share that MY personal Earth Quake is Jesus. He absolutely shakes up my life every day. Usually with a perfect 10! But some days I rest down to a gentle 5 or so. He is amazing every day!

At my son's wedding there was a groom and mother of the groom dance and we danced to this:

The Prayer.

It was a perfect ten.

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