Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Mission Trip to Texas USA!

This person knows great excitement in the LORD whenever it comes to “A Mission Trip!” It rates very high and when it is well led and including a fantastic group to go with, such as is in this case, the excitement gets even higher.

There was a plan to go to Meir Mexico first to an orphanage and stay at Miguel Aleman but that whole area has become overridden by cartel activity; shooting, kidnapping, killing and other kinds of cartel forte. Then the second place we considered going has likewise becoming over-ridden by cartel fighting where there are guns and ammunition and blood running in the streets. For the strong in heart, here is a couple of postings that prove what I have written. This first one is for the Miguel Aleman news and the video on Reynosa is now prohibited because of it's graphic material unless you can prove you are 18 years old or older. Frankly the first one I am posting may be unable to be opened by the time you get it too!

Here is another video however: this site is for article and video on Reynosa. and this is just the video.

But from the news coming out of Mexico this last weekend regarding Acapulco and Juarez you know Texas is the wiser choice for a place to minister right now for a short term group that includes youth.

It is getting so Mexico is becoming a hard place for folks to go and enjoy a vacation anymore even. And yet tourism is their third highest financial industry and they will suffer if we cease to visit.

But, a mission trip! You KNOW that takes a ton of prayers no matter where one goes so I post asking again for your prayer support. We want to be unhindered to minister to the area we are going and to be ready at all times to serve the folks there. We have a need for travel mercies. An abundant love for and from the Lord Jesus Christ. Leaders need wisdom and cooperation. Team needs to maintain their God given unity for which we give glory to God! We need weather cooperation to fly and travel as well as to effectively minister with any of the outdoor activities. Let God's Holy Ghost lead you in what to pray and you will soon have everything covered! We will be gone over Easter. Praise God! And Thank you very much for your prayer support which I hope you will start now and continued for a week after April 4th!

God bless you!

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