Wednesday, March 24, 2010

“Jerusalem is our Capitol!”

Every once in a while an article about Israel comes out that is a 'must read'. This one is of that caliber and the video right there where you can click on Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu who is speaking, is also a must hear and see! It is only a bit over two minutes long. It is a article and video combined for those who have video downloading troubles.

Netanyahu makes a historical link between himself and a ring from antiquity that was found by the Western Wall and loaned to him from their museum. He links the fact that Jerusalem is not a settlement. “It's our capitol!” he said amidst much agreeable cheering.

In the same token, at the same event, Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton had this to say: as she called upon everybody but named Israel by name that for the interest of peace, everybody needed to 'make difficult decisions.'

It is clear that Israel is Jerusalem and Jerusalem is Israel. The Jewish people and the land are one. Why to make it about everybody having the same opportunity is a wonder to me for that is not what it is about. Of course the children all deserve the best; even all the children around the world! But not every child can have that best in the place of Israel, or at the Jewish capital! Everybody has to find where they belong and be allowed to be the best they can be at that place.

I am an American. As long as there is a USA, it is nice to belong here. I love Israel just because my Christian beginnings are there and Jesus loves that apple of His eye and I love Jesus and what He loves. But that doesn't mean I need to be there in Jerusalem to be able to have what is best for me. I can leave that land to who it belongs and who belongs to it. It won't be long and Jesus will be putting His foot down there anyway and it, without a doubt, belongs to Him!

All I can say is that I feel the heat for Israel rising and wonder what will happen if we try to make Israel be what it is not. Take their capitol away from them and what will WE be loosing? Our being a country? Like no more USA? More like becoming a North American Territory consisting of Canada, USA, and Mexico as has been already much talked about? Split Israel and have a nice big earth quake split us?

We so need to watch what is going on over in Israel and pray for Jerusalem while we pray for ourselves. Are we seeing a link with us and Israel? As we bring about the demise of Israel as they know themselves to be by encouraging them to make difficult decisions such as not having Jerusalem as their capitol, we experience a demise of ourselves from what we used to be? I see the connection. Even to the point of healthcare taking away our democracy and pushing us into socialism. It

feels so bad. Well, so does Israel feel so bad not being able to have their capitol and being who they want to be.

But, I think we know this.

But no matter what, we can be sure our Father will be our Jehovah Jireh, provider, like it says here:

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