Monday, March 8, 2010

Time for 2010Census!

It is March 2010Census time! Are you ready? Do you know your rights? This following article was brought to my attention. I have one of these up to date computers that when I write 2010 the word Census pops right up with the date. That is why there is no space between 2010 and census. Such is how the new window 7 computers are programed. How is that for 'others' getting us ready. Ha!


It is a written article that needs no downloading
and explains so clearly all it has to say, I leave
it as it is for you to read.
It says we can count on a nosy government.

But this next site is a video and really caused me
to take notice in that if a census taker comes and
asks the questions this fellow suggests they will
ask, I am thinking I won't be answering them! I
don't share that kind of info with anybody. What I
pay for my utilities is not just anybodies business
now is it? I would not want to just go along with
this line of questioning just to keep peace and
help anybody think they can come and ask even more
private questions of a even more private nature. I
see absolutely no reason for our government to need
to know this info and if they do, they can call the
utility companies and ask what the going rate is for
themselves like we do when we buy a house in some
specific area. To give them my usage is to ask them
to judge me whether I am using enough or too little
according to their say so and you can bet it won't
be long and “the government” will be telling us to
turn our thermostat up or down; most likely down.
This Minnesotan says “Brrrrrr.” And, “Mind your own

This video is worth struggling to download and view for those who have dial up.

I never think of census without thinking of the birth of Jesus. Joseph and Mary were about the business of registering for census when Jesus was born. Maybe, just maybe, Jesus will COME AGAIN when THIS census is being taken. How glorious that would be!

Well, it is something to think about!

Lord Bless us.

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