Monday, March 15, 2010

The Mountain of Education

In January I blogged a bit about the 7 society mountains of which education is one of them. You can find that blog on Monday, January 25, 2010 titled “A Call to Work,” from the LORD! I will refresh our memories by reminding us that the mountain of education is designed to give us God's power in that there is power in knowledge. The other power of God is His Holy Spirit but the power here is about the knowledge power.

In this day's posting I would like to share how the dumbing down has been a part of the enemies function coming from the education mountain for some time. This site I am posting here has two videos; the top one to share the official part of how we were dumbed down by intention and the second one is to show how well we are already dumbed down. Now the first one is infuriating. The second one carries humor but is really very disturbing too. See here:

It is titled you can learn “How Education is Deliberately Dumbing You Down.”

How does this work spiritually? In the first video an example of taking a believing Christian and deliberately and with full intent making a non believer out of them was sited. But without knowledge, God would have to first educate us before He could direct us with expectation that we have a clue what He is talking about. In other words, if I know something about HAARP, I can more easily understand what it is when I see a beam in the sky coming out of the North and going directly to the zenith of the sky at O Dark Thirty in the night.

Our education is important. It is important for our living a life here on planet earth now at this time and it is important for enhancing our spiritual connection with God.

This next post is some music done in Spanish and much as it is good and a lot can be derived from it but think how much more could be derived from it if we knew Spanish:

Now this will show you well what I'm talking about:

Let us be about the joy of “lifting up!”

Gently teach all who are around you; not as a know it all but as a person who shares what we have been blessed to know and let us do it as the LORD leads us to do so.

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