Monday, March 29, 2010

Betrayal in the White House?

This last weekend has been very interesting with sharing and seeking. One of the areas of interest was a new prophecy by Kim Clement who received from God the heads up there will be a betrayal at the White House. I believe it was put this way, “I saw a long table in the White house and around the table I could not see people but I saw Western and Eastern clothing. I didn't feel good about it. A voice said, “The hand of the betrayer is on the table.””

Go to this site and click on the streaming area that says to “Click Here.” [but be warned, I found it very hard to download].

It doesn't take long in this Easter season to remember the LORD Jesus had the same experience when in Luke 22:21 KJV says:But, behold, the hand of him that betrayeth me is with me on the table.”

The betrayer, and the Deliverer Jesus, were both at the same table that day. Have you ever thought of that before? It is pretty comforting we still have our Deliverer today too. He, Jesus, never leaves nor forsakes us.

There is to be a betrayer at the table in the White House and people in Eastern and Western clothing...sounds like a possible betrayal to Israel to me. This was not said on the live stream video but all the watching out for Israel leaves me with little doubt about it. What is said is that it somehow involves the Vice President. It says it is a political betrayal. It does not say Vice President is the betrayer but that he is “involved.” Prophecy is only in part.

We are left with a strong pull to PRAY for our country. I think we should especially pray that we do the right thing in always supporting Israel! And as said before, “When praying for ourselves, it is a wise thing to pray for Israel too!”

If you are sitting there saying we would NEVER betray Israel, please read this article and put a check in your thinking:

It is very possible we would indeed betray Israel.

I have had a 'pray without ceasing' attitude put into my spirit lately. You too?

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